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Sewing Tutorials — tutorial

Learn how to turn the Crocus Oil Pouch into a Sewing Kit!

Crocus hack Sewing hack tutorial zipper

Hi everyone! It's Wendy from WD Handbags and I'm here to show you how to hack the Crocus Oil Pouch into an adorable portable sewing kit!  Ready to go? Okay, let's get started! First off we're going to cut out all our pieces per the pattern instructions, this includes fabrics, and interfacings. I'd suggest not cutting your elastic pieces yet because you may not need it quite as long as stated in the pattern materials. Also cut: (2) 3" x 3" cotton fabric for the pin cushion(2) 1 1/4" x 10 1/2" cotton fabric for the binding *** Speaking of materials, I like to use...

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Alternate Method for Making the Clematis Wristlet Strap

Alternate strap Clematis Clematis Wristlet tutorial

Hey everyone! I'm here to share a quick tutorial with you today for an alternate method of making the strap for the Clematis Wristlet strap. It's thinner so it should be easier to sew if you have issues with multiple layers of vinyl with your machine.  First off, you'll notice my fabric and vinyl pieces aren't as wide as stated in the pattern. I wasn't able to get hardware in the 5/8" & 1" specified in the pattern so I had to adjust the width to fit a 3/4" d-ring and clasp. Secondly, with this method we're going to cut a piece...

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Mini Dogwood Tutorial

mini dogwood tutorial

The Dogwood Travel Duffel pattern has just been released and if you love the style and shape of the bag but don't need a large size, you can create a smaller version by following this tutorial. Before starting, you must purchase the Dogwood Travel Duffel pattern. You must also download the Mini Dogwood PDF tutorial which includes a cutting chart. The final dimensions of the Mini Dogwood Duffel are: 11.75” W x 9” H x 6.25” D Step 1 - Printing your pattern pieces:  Print out all pattern pieces at 70% scale in your printer settings. You will NOT need the...

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Changing a 2-way jacket zipper into a double pull zipper

2 way zipper bag of the month club clover convertible bag double pull zipper metal zipper train case zipper tutorial

Hello everyone! I recently released my very first pattern as part of the Bag of the Month Club - the Clover Convertible bag. The Clover has a train case compartment on the bottom that requires a double pull zipper.      On the left, I have used a metal zipper and on the right, a nylon coil zipper. Both options are fine but if you prefer the look of the metal zipper, they can be difficult to find in a double pull option. I decided to attempt converting a 2 way metal jacket zipper into a double pull zipper and...

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How to Add Pre-Made Leather Handles to the Aster Handbag & Boronia Bowler (Or Any Bag Pattern!)

altering patterns aster handbag Blue Calla boronia bowler diy handles hardware leather handles Pattern Hack pre-made handles Sallie Tomato sewing tutorial strap connectors strap tutorial straps tutorial

Hello everyone!  My name is Jessica and I’m the owner of Sallie Tomato.  Do you have a difficult time making strap connectors and handles for your bags?  I want to share with you an alternative way for making strap connectors and handles by using Pre-made Leather Handles.  Pre-made leather handles add a professional look to your bag, without the hassle of making them yourself.  They can easily be substituted into almost any bag pattern!  Included in this blog post, is a free PDF instruction sheet for altering patterns to use pre-made leather handles. Download the PDF Instruction Sheet Here! Now,...

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