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Introducing the Tumbleweed Toiletry Tote!

Let me introduce you to the Tumbleweed Toiletry Tote - the March pattern for the Bag of the Month Club. Until end of May, this pattern is only available through the club. If you purchase the membership, you will receive all 3 patterns from January until March 2021. You can read more on the website

The Tumbleweed toiletry tote is a larger-sized bag, with two separate compartments and two top carry handles, making it perfect for organizing and carrying your toiletries and cosmetics while travelling.  The finished size for the Tumbleweed is 12.75” W x 8.75” H x 6 3/8” D (32.4 cm x 22.2 cm x 16.2 cm).

The top zipper compartment has a softer body with a metal frame that allows it to open nice and wide, providing a clear view of the contents. Either a single or double pull zipper can be used for the closure, depending on personal preference.

Under the top compartment is a large train case with a zippered mesh compartment in the lid. The train case is more structured with foam interfacing so that it does not collapse under the weight of the top zipper compartment. A double pull zipper is highly recommended to make the train case easier to open and close.


The Tumbleweed is the final and most advanced pattern for this club. To help you along the way, I’ve created a full video tutorial separated into 3 parts. I’ve included some additional tips and tricks, with the goal of making this an enjoyable sewing project.

Video 1: Preparation, Cutting and Interfacing

Video 2 : Train Case Assembly

Video 3 : Zipper Compartment and Final Assembly


In addition to the full video tutorial for the Tumbleweed, one of my testers Michelle Tripp of Barabooboo Designs has written a tutorial on how to modify the pattern and create a useful hobby tote.




As usual, my testers have created some truly amazing bags to inspire you.

The Tumbleweed Tote by Lisa Thibault of "Glitter in my coffee" 
The Tumbleweed Tote by Lisa Thibault from "Glitter in my coffee"
The Tumbleweed Tote by Abbe Coury from "Just an E"

Two additional views of the Tumbleweed Tote from the cover photo by Chera Phipody of "Phipody Handmade"
A Disney themed Tumbleweed by Sheri Ferraro of "Munkee Made"
Michelle Tripp of "Barabooboo Designs" made several Tumbleweed totes including this incredible version in Tula Pink's Linework collection
Melissa Patterson of Handmade Millyn used Sugar Skull fabric paired with blue cork


Love the white vinyl and colourful print combination by Rashada Cherry of "Lee Hill Designs"


Lynne Baldwin of "Lynne's Selections" used a gorgeous floral paired with a red train case. 


Piera Lotito of "By Piera" found the perfect fabric by Cotton and Steel

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