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Sewing Tutorials — boronia bowler

Cork it Up : Boronia Bowler Bag

blue calla patterns boronia bowler free tutorial sewing tutorial sewing with cork

The Cork it Up" series is a brand new series of tutorials that show how to adapt some of my existing patterns to an all cork exterior.  Today I’ll show you my second pattern in this series.  It’s the Boronia Bowler Bag. Boronia is a medium-sized handbag that may appear difficult to sew, but it’s actually sewn like a very large zipper pouch, (with some exceptions). You must purchase the Boronia pattern to follow this tutorial. Before you begin, take a few minutes to read through and familiarize yourself with the entire pattern. Next, print/cut out your pattern pieces. As usual, all cork...

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How to Add Pre-Made Leather Handles to the Aster Handbag & Boronia Bowler (Or Any Bag Pattern!)

altering patterns aster handbag Blue Calla boronia bowler diy handles hardware leather handles Pattern Hack pre-made handles Sallie Tomato sewing tutorial strap connectors strap tutorial straps tutorial

Hello everyone!  My name is Jessica and I’m the owner of Sallie Tomato.  Do you have a difficult time making strap connectors and handles for your bags?  I want to share with you an alternative way for making strap connectors and handles by using Pre-made Leather Handles.  Pre-made leather handles add a professional look to your bag, without the hassle of making them yourself.  They can easily be substituted into almost any bag pattern!  Included in this blog post, is a free PDF instruction sheet for altering patterns to use pre-made leather handles. Download the PDF Instruction Sheet Here! Now,...

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