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Sewing Tutorials — clover convertible bag

Blue Calla Mash Up: Snapdragon Satchel meets Clover Convertible Bag

clover convertible bag Mash Up Snapdragon

Hey everyone! It's me, Wendy from WD Handbags, again! Are you ready for another pattern Mash Up? This time we're going to take the Snapdragon Satchel and make it a convertible backpack with the help of the Clover Convertible Bag. It's super easy too! Sound good? Awesome! Let's get started!  First off you need to cut out the straps and strap connectors per the Clover pattern. Now, one thing to keep in mind with the strap connectors is that if you do them in vinyl and construct them per the pattern instructions they might be too thick for your machine since...

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Making the Clover Convertible bag without a train case

bag of the month club Bag Pattern Blue Calla Creations blue calla pattern clover convertible bag

My very first pattern as part of the Bag of the Month Club has just been released - The Clover Convertible bag. The Clover is a medium-sized bag that converts from a backpack to a cross body bag with a quick change in strap position. It has a larger compartment at the top and a smaller train case compartment at the bottom.  If you feel that the train case is not quite something you'd like to tackle just yet, I have written a tutorial that explains how to make the bag without the train case and still have a fabulous...

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Changing a 2-way jacket zipper into a double pull zipper

2 way zipper bag of the month club clover convertible bag double pull zipper metal zipper train case zipper tutorial

Hello everyone! I recently released my very first pattern as part of the Bag of the Month Club - the Clover Convertible bag. The Clover has a train case compartment on the bottom that requires a double pull zipper.      On the left, I have used a metal zipper and on the right, a nylon coil zipper. Both options are fine but if you prefer the look of the metal zipper, they can be difficult to find in a double pull option. I decided to attempt converting a 2 way metal jacket zipper into a double pull zipper and...

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