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Using a twist lock for your Clover Convertible Bag

My very first pattern as part of the Bag of the Month Club has just been released - The Clover Convertible bag. The Clover is a medium-sized bag that converts from a backpack to a cross body bag with a quick change in strap position. It has a larger compartment at the top and a smaller train case compartment at the bottom.  In the pattern instructions, the default flap closure is a thumb lock however this tutorial will explain the steps to install a turn lock closure instead. For this bag, I do not recommend a magnetic snap closure of any kind because...

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Changing a 2-way jacket zipper into a double pull zipper

2 way zipper bag of the month club clover convertible bag double pull zipper metal zipper train case zipper tutorial

Hello everyone! I recently released my very first pattern as part of the Bag of the Month Club - the Clover Convertible bag. The Clover has a train case compartment on the bottom that requires a double pull zipper.      On the left, I have used a metal zipper and on the right, a nylon coil zipper. Both options are fine but if you prefer the look of the metal zipper, they can be difficult to find in a double pull option. I decided to attempt converting a 2 way metal jacket zipper into a double pull zipper and...

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How to Add Pre-Made Leather Handles to the Aster Handbag & Boronia Bowler (Or Any Bag Pattern!)

altering patterns aster handbag Blue Calla boronia bowler diy handles hardware leather handles Pattern Hack pre-made handles Sallie Tomato sewing tutorial strap connectors strap tutorial straps tutorial

Hello everyone!  My name is Jessica and I’m the owner of Sallie Tomato.  Do you have a difficult time making strap connectors and handles for your bags?  I want to share with you an alternative way for making strap connectors and handles by using Pre-made Leather Handles.  Pre-made leather handles add a professional look to your bag, without the hassle of making them yourself.  They can easily be substituted into almost any bag pattern!  Included in this blog post, is a free PDF instruction sheet for altering patterns to use pre-made leather handles. Download the PDF Instruction Sheet Here! Now,...

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Alternate strap connectors for the Hosta Hobo bag

Michelle from Barabooboo Designs has kindly taken step-by-step photographs of an alternative method of attaching the straps on the Hosta Hobo Camera Bag. She has used a set of Edgewena strap connectors available from Emmalinebags.com and used them in place of the standard rectangle ring straps in the pattern. Please note that this tutorial will only cover the instructions relevant to the insertion of the strap connectors. You must follow the pattern instructions to make the rest of the bag. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3:  STEP 4: STEP 5: STEP 6: STEP 7:        

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Violet Bag Pattern - Alternate Handle Connectors

Hi, I'm Crystal of the Cloth Albatross. I wanted to show an alternate method for attaching the strap to my Violet Bag pattern, since some people don't like using rivets. Everything I was coming up with seemed needlessly complex, and then Emmaline Bags got in some new hardware - the Edgwena. And in my head I imagine a guy from Boston saying, 'Hey, nice "Edge Wienahs"!' So anyway these Wenahs are perfect for use as the connectors on the Violet Bag. The Nosy Pepper has a tutorial for how to install these connectors, but I wanted to do a short...

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