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Dahlia Bucket Bag Sew-Along: DAY 1

Hi! I'm Crystal of The Cloth Albatross. Thank you so much for joining me for the Dahlia Bucket Bag sew-along (SAL). I really enjoy this pattern and hope that you will too! If you still need the pattern, you can purchase it here. For the duration of the SAL it will be 40% off with code dahliasal. If you have any questions about the pattern or the SAL, feel free to tag me in the Blue Calla Facebook group. Here is the original post with the prize announcement. DAY 1: READING the pattern and, cutting and fusing the pieces I...

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Dahlia Drawstring Bucket Bag Sew-Along and Prize Announcement

blue calla patterns bucket bag cloth albatross dahlia drawstring bag sew along sewing pattern

Hi! I'm Crystal of The Cloth Albatross. I'm so excited to be hosting the sew-along (SAL) for the Blue Calla Dahlia Bucket Bag. I love this pattern. The only thing intimidating about this bag are the grommets, so we're going to cover them thoroughly. I'm actually going to set aside Day 2 of the SAL specifically for grommet practice, so that we can get it out of the way and feel confident going forward. The SAL itself will last 5 days but you will have 1 month to complete your Dahlia to be eligible for SAL prizes. Details This sew-along...

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Tutorial: Adding a Flap closure with flip lock to your Dandelion Handbag

blue calla pattern dandelion handbag sewing tutorial tab closure tutorial

Hi Everyone!!! It's me again ­ Sheri from Munkee Made. I'm here to walk you step by step through adding a flap and twist lock to the newly released Dandelion Double Zip Handbag!Here's my version:First things first! Download your flap pattern piece HERE, and print it out to "actual size" or 100%.Make the flap:Take two pieces of vinyl that are a bit bigger than the pattern piece and glue them wrong sides together so you have one piece that is double sided:Take your pattern piece and lay it on top of your double sided piece and trace around it. (I...

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Boronia Bowler Handbag with Fabric Overlay

This tutorial is meant to be supplementary to the Boronia Bowler handbag pattern. If you do not have the pattern yet, you can purchase it here. If you would like to make a Boronia Bowler in all fabric, you will need to download this pattern piece, but you will not need to print page 24 of the original pattern. Page 24 is the original overlay; it's meant for vinyl, so there's no seam allowance added to that pattern piece. After you've printed your pattern and taped your pieces together, you will cut all of your pieces as instructed by the...

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Lotus Handbag Sew-Along Prize Winners

The Lotus Handbag sew-along, hosted by Sheri of Munkee Made, concluded today. There were several beautiful bags made during the sew-along: The 3 randomly drawn winners will receive prizes from Emmaline Bags, Flare Fabrics, and Blue Calla:            1st prize$20 gift certificate to Emmaline bags3 Blue Calla patterns of your choice 2nd prize$10 gift certificate to Flare fabrics2 Blue Calla patterns of your choice 3rd prizeA set of fat quarters from Flare fabrics: 1 Blue Calla pattern of your choice WINNERS: 1st place prize: Melissa Bonilla 2nd place prize: Heather Butz 3rd place prize: Pj Lyness Thank you so much...

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