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Dahlia Bucket Bag Sew-Along Prize Winners

The Dahlia Sew-Along concluded yesterday and we have 3 lucky winners. 1st PRIZE winner: Kelly Holloway Ritter who submitted this lovely bag Kelly wins the next 3 Blue Calla patterns and a $25 gift certificate to Funky Monkey fabrics.  2nd PRIZE winner: Fiona Russell who submitted this bag Fiona wins a bag bling package from Emmaline bags as well as 2 free Blue Calla patterns. 3rd PRIZE winner: Casey White who created a few dahlia bags for the sew-along including this beauty Casey won a Violet hardware kit and a copy of the Violet pattern! All winners should email bluecallacreations@gmail.com to claim...

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Dahlia Bucket Bag Sew-Along: Day 5 - Drawstring and Final Assembly

Hi, everyone! It's Crystal again from the Cloth Albatross. Today is the final day of the sew-along (SAL) but it will remain up on the Blue Calla blog indefinitely and you will still be able to enter for prizes until Tuesday July 12th. If you missed the prize announcement, you can find that here along with links to the previous days in the SAL. Today we're going to be attaching our lining to our exterior, installing our grommets, and adding the drawstring. If you haven't read the post on grommet yet, take a look at it here. After you've attached...

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Dahlia Bucket Bag Sew-Along Day 4: Interior Assembly

*cover bag made by Casey of Rounds and Stitches Hi again! It's Crystal from the Cloth Albatross. If you've missed the first few days of the sew-along (SAL), you can find them here: Schedule and Prize Announcement Day 1: Reading the Pattern, and Cutting and Fusing Pieces Day 2: Grommet Practice Day 3: Exterior and Strap Assembly If you still need to get the Dahlia Bucket Bag pattern, you can get it here. Use the code DAHLIASAL for 40% (for the duration of the SAL). Today we're going to be assembling our lining. As far as how you utilize your...

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Dahlia Sew-Along Day 3: Strap and Exterior Assembly

Hi, it's Crystal from the Cloth Albatross. I thought that you all might be tired of seeing the same Dahlia Bucket Bag, so I stole one of the pattern tester's photos for the top of this post. Today is Day 3 of the Dahlia Bucket Bag sew-along (SAL). If you missed the first 2 days and the prize announcement and first 2 days, you can find them here: Prize Announcement Day 1: Reading the Pattern, Cutting and Fusing Day 2: Grommet Practice If you haven't started yet, there's still plenty of time to join. The last day to enter pictures...

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Dahlia Sew-Along Day 2: Practicing with Grommets

Hi, all! It's Crystal of The Cloth Albatross. If you missed Day 1 of the sew-along, here's the link.  I wanted to cover grommets early on in the SAL so that if people need to order/buy supplies, they have an idea of what they need and some possible places to purchase them. On that note, none of the links in this post for tools and supplies are affiliate links; they're just places that I've purchased from. I encourage you to choose a supplier that you're comfortable with and you can get the best deal from! Grommets can be intimidating because...

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