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Tutorial: Using 2 zippers for your Boronia Bowler bag

I've had a few questions regarding the zipper required for the Boronia Bowler bag. The pattern calls for a 30" double pull handbag zipper but realizing that not everyone has access to this type of zipper, I decided to give an alternate solution.

You can easily substitute the 30" zipper with (2) 16" single pull zippers. Longer zippers will also work and actually, be even better for top-stitching. I will elaborate on this point near the end of this tutorial.

All you need for this tutorial is your Boronia Bowler bag pieces as outlined in the pattern as well as (2) 16" single pull zippers. You can use #3 zippers but I personally prefer #5 handbag zippers because of the wider zipper tape (which allows more room for error in my opinion!)

Follow the steps in your pattern until you get to the Assembly section where you will attach your completed Exterior and Lining panels to your zipper.

Step 1:

Prepare your zippers by folding the zipper tape at the opening towards the WS of your zipper and stitch away at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2:

Assuming you have marked the top centre of both lining and exterior panels, pin your zippers RS up on one Lining panel, also RS up. Start by pinning the zipper openings at the top centre mark on your Lining panel and pin it in place working your way down to the bottom sides of your Lining panel. Baste the zipper in place.

Continue following the pattern's instructions to attach the Exterior panel to this lining piece and then the remaining Exterior and Lining panel set.

When you are top-stitching along the zipper, you will need to move your zipper pulls out of the way accordingly.

Your completed bag will look like this:

As I mentioned earlier, there is a definite advantage to the 2 zipper technique when it comes to top-stitching along your zipper IF you use zippers that are longer than 16". One of my testers shows in the photo below that you can open your zippers all the way to facilitate top-stitching. She used (2) 24" zippers here but even using 18" zippers will make it much easier!

A special thank you to Casey White of Rounds and Stitches for her photos and to Sheri Ferraro of Munkee Made


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