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Sewing Tutorials

New Contest!

Introducing a brand new monthly contest to Blue Calla Patterns: The Inspiration Gallery! The Inspiration Gallery will be a new section on our website that showcases bags made using our patterns AND our new metallic nylon coil zippers. Once a month, we will feature the top 10 photo submissions in a gallery. We will display each person's name, business name and a link to their website if they would like to do so. There will be (2) $25 gift cards awarded: one to the 1st place winner and another to one person who will be randomly selected from the past...

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Learn how to turn the Crocus Oil Pouch into a Sewing Kit!

Crocus hack Sewing hack tutorial zipper

Hi everyone! It's Wendy from WD Handbags and I'm here to show you how to hack the Crocus Oil Pouch into an adorable portable sewing kit!  Ready to go? Okay, let's get started! First off we're going to cut out all our pieces per the pattern instructions, this includes fabrics, and interfacings. I'd suggest not cutting your elastic pieces yet because you may not need it quite as long as stated in the pattern materials. Also cut: (2) 3" x 3" cotton fabric for the pin cushion(2) 1 1/4" x 10 1/2" cotton fabric for the binding *** Speaking of materials, I like to use...

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Learn how to Hack the Stargazer Tote into a Clutch Styled Handbag!

2018 bag of the month blue calla clutch hack handbag mini pattern stargazer stargazer clutch

So, you want to make the Stargazer Clutch? This is Michelle from Barabooboo Designs, here with a fun twist on a fantastic pattern.  When I made my regular sized tester I loved the pattern so much and I couldn't wait to try this version!! It's 3/4 size of the original Tote, and it features these grommet styled handles for carrying. Follow along with my tutorial on how I did my hack on Celine's Bag of the Month Club pattern: The Stargazer Tote. For this Hack you will need: *Printed at 80%:  The Stargazer Tote pattern by Blue Calla  *You will need to...

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Adding a fabric zipper casing to your zipper

This quick tutorial will allow you to add a fabric zipper casing to the end of any zipper closure.  When referring to zipper sizes, a #3 zipper has a 1" wide zipper tape. A #5 or #4.5 zipper will have a 1.25" wide zipper tape. Supplies: For ZIPPER CASING, cut: #3 zipper: (2” W x 3” H)#4.5 or #5 zipper: (2.5” W x 3” H) (1) Exterior fabric(1) Fusible woven interfacing Interfacing: Fuse interfacing to the WS of your exterior fabric. Steps: 1. Take your ZIPPER CASING and fold in half along the 3” side WST and press. 2. Open...

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Working with waxed canvas

Over the two-week Winter break, I decided to finally try something I've meant to try for a long time now - waxing canvas. In Canada, it is nearly impossible to find waxed canvas for sale. You usually need to buy it from the U.S. and pay for shipping and quite possibly (almost certainly), custom fees. Instead, I decided to try waxing my own canvas. I started by reading a lot of online material  regarding waxing - tutorials, discussion groups, etc. I found quite a variety of information about different types of waxes, different application methods... it was overwhelming! I viewed some...

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