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Introducing Blue Calla Woven Interfacing!

Something new has just arrived in the studio! Introducing Blue Calla fusible woven interfacing!

What makes this interfacing so special? It's a higher quality interfacing that provides the right amount of structure and stability to your cotton fabric, specifically with bag making in mind. It is sold by the yard (36") and has a width of 42-43 inches.

If you compare this interfacing to other competitive brands, the fusible side has a thin even layer of glue not a beaded texture. It also has a higher melting point which means that although it requires a higher heat setting and more pressure to fuse, once it is set it will not come off, even in the washing machine.

It’s also thicker, with a tighter weave than competitive brands. If you look at the photo above you can see how the competitive brand is thinner with a looser weave than the Blue Calla woven interfacing. 


  1. Your iron must have a higher heat setting of at least 150 deg Celsius or a "Linen" setting on your iron. This means an inexpensive iron will probably not work. If you have a steam press, you will be fine.
  2. Pressing time 10-15 seconds while pressing firmly. I recommend pressing from both sides - the fabric side AND the interfacing side for best results.
  3. Do not push the interfacing, it requires a “lift and press” motion making sure to press everywhere.



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